Why EHS?

Southern Illinois University



Students outside Pulliam Hall

Why EHS?

Why choose the College of Education and Human Services? Here is why:

SIU Pre-Homecoming: Saluki Spirit Alive and Celebrating Homecoming 2016

SIU Pre-Homecoming 2016 Event

Counselor Education Program: "3 phases of becoming a professional counselor or counselor educator.” This sophisticated video provides an insight into the Counselor Education Program.

EHS/Talks 2016

SIU's College of Education and Human Services benefits the community in a variety of ways including, research, service and education.

EHS/Talks showcased how we help people in our community and showed all the exciting work and activities going on within our college. EHS/Talks is a way of spreading the news, creating a buzz and showing the passion our faculty members have for their field of study.

Visual summary of EHS/Talks

Testimonials about our Educational Administration and Higher Education (EAHE)

EAHE’s Preschool to 12th Grade Educational Administration Programs and Superintendent Endorsement Program offered testimonials from three graduates.

Larry Lovel, Superintendent Trico School District, Campbell Hill, IL

Jacob Davies, Principal of Marion High School in Marion, IL

Charely Cass, Principal of Central Junior High in Mt. Vernon, IL and
recognized as 2016 Middle School Principal of the Year.

Testimonials about our Teacher Education Program (TEP)

TEP students advancing into the Clinical Practice phase of their education told us why they wanted to teach and offered advice to new students enrolling in TEP.

Makennah Miller, Elementary Education

Rachell Laub

Justin Laux

Jessica Huddleston, senior Early Education