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Faculty Spotlight - Dr. Peter Fadde

2013 Innovator of the Year

Dr. Peter FaddeThe Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the organizers and sponsors of the 2013 SIU Technology and Innovation Expo would like to congratulate Dr. Peter Fadde on being named the 2013 Innovator of the Year.

Dr. Peter Fadde is an Associate Professor and the coordinator of the Learning Systems Design & Technology (LSDT) graduate specialty area within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at SIU. Dr. Fadde's focus areas are in computer applications for training expert perceptual skills in sports such as tennis, softball, and baseball and other fields requiring perceptual decision making, based upon cognitive recognition. 

Dr. Fadde's research has broken new ground in this field, and he has been applying training techniques with numerous baseball and softball organizations, both amateur and professional, as well as the United States Tennis Association. He also has a patent pending for his invention for baseball and softball applications and his research has already resulted in a product now being sold nationwide by a sports training company, with other products anticipated.

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is proud of our dedicated faculty and we are always eager to spotlight their accomplishments. Congratulations for a job well done, Dr. Fadde!

For more information about Dr. Peter Fadde visit the C&I Faculty webpage.