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Students in the Community

Students gaining experience with course-related skills and knowledge is an important aspect of Curriculum and Instruction courses. Often these experiences involve students interacting with children, teachers, and families in the community. SIU students provide support and expertise while learning, applying theoretical principles to real situations. Community connections provide opportunities for positive growth to all participants.

All Species Earth Day Puppet Parade 

During the spring 2017 semester, Ms. Shannon Green, a Curriculum and Instruction Teaching Assistant, has encouraged her students to participate in the local community. Four Early Childhood majors have volunteered their time to help with the All Species Earth Day Puppet Parade, to be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 11:00 am. This project hosted free community nature education and workshops for the two months leading up to the parade. They took students from the community to the Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge for a wildflower hike and owl pellet program, hosted a free day of nature education activities at Attuck's Park in Carbondale, and offered four puppet making workshops downtown. The students who volunteered their time were Cherrelle Robinson and Huimeng Li (enrolled in CI 317), Shanni Newell Brown (enrolled in CI 318), and Kalena Sharp (CDL intern). The students have all been invited to march with their puppets in the parade next Saturday. Anyone who has made a puppet or has volunteered to carry one of the extras is invited to march, and the participants hope that many people will come to watch the parade. The parade will begin at the Life Community Center and follow a route through Murdale Shopping Center to Turley Park. At Turley Park there will be an Earth Day Celebration from 12:00 to 3:00 pm, hosted by Touch of Nature and the Carbondale Park District. 

Puppet Prade Image

Japanese Students Visit C&I Classroom

The C&I Department partnered with CESL Special Groups to host exchange students who came from different countries to study short term English courses. In addition to the language courses, exchange students had the opportunity to  attend a class related to their majors. This year we hosted a  group of students from Utsunomiya University in Japan. They  attended an Elementary Education class, and as a follow up they observed a class in a school in Vienna, Illinois.  Kevan Self, Special Groups Coordinator,  reported that students were especially interested in observing how the learning and teaching styles were much more interactive here than in the schools in their countries.

Janapnese Students Visitng CI Image