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Position Descriptions

The staff at the Child Development Laboratories (CDL) consists of the following:

Director: Darlene Waier is the Director of the Child Development Laboratories.

Master Teachers: Melissa Viernow is a faculty member and is responsible for all aspects of programming in her classroom. She holds a master's degree in education.

Lead Teachers: The lead teachers are graduate assistants and Pre-K Teachers who serve as the head teacher in the classrooms. They work cooperatively with the master teachers. All Lead Teachers at CDL hold at least Bachelor’s Degrees in Education.

Office Manager: The office manager is responsible for reception, maintaining records, fee collection, and all clerical work.

Administrative Assistants: work with the director or a master Assistants teacher while completing an internship. These students are often referred to as interns.

Student Workers: Student workers are paid staff who work under the direction of the master teachers and lead teachers. They are sometimes referred to as teachers and may be in charge in certain circumstances.

Student Teachers: Student teachers are students completing an 8 week period of field work prior to graduation. They are sometimes referred to as teachers and may be in charge in certain circumstances.

Practicum Students: Practicum students are students in early childhood courses which require supervised experiences at CDL. They are sometimes called assistant teachers.

Volunteers: Volunteers assist the master teacher and lead teachers on a voluntary basis. They are not counted in adult to child ratios.

Food Production Supervisor: The food production supervisor is a full time CDL employee and is responsible for our food program.

Food Preparation Assistants:Food preparation assistants are paid workers who assist in the preparation and serving of food.

Clerical Assistants: Clerical assistants work under the direction of the office manager.

Core Staff: The term “core staff” is used to define the group of permanent CDL staff. This includes the Director, Master Teachers, and Lead Teachers.

Leadership Team:This term is used to refer to the Director and Master Teachers.

Staff Members: The term “staff member” is used to refer to all persons, paid and unpaid, who work in the CDL. This includes student teachers, student workers, practicum students, and volunteers.