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Early Childhood Faculty

Early Childhood faculty members are well known for the personal interest they take in students’ professional development. They have had direct experience working with children and their families, and each brings that experience to the classroom where individualized attention is regularly demonstrated. Highly involved in service, writing, and research, faculty members are well known and respected as leaders in the fields of child development and early education. They often serve as consultants to various schools and organizations on the local, state, national, and even international levels. Several have been involved in educational programs in countries throughout the world.

The Early Childhood faculty consists of both tenured/tenure track and term personnel. This includes the staff of the Child Development Laboratories (Director and two Master Teachers) as well as the staff of the Southern Region Early Childhood Programs (Director and Coordinators). We also work closely with Early Childhood Special Education faculty, who teach the early childhood special education courses for our undergraduate majors.

Early Childhood

Stacy Thompson - Coordinator, Early Childhood Programs; Associate Professor

Christie McIntyre - Associate Professor

Rene Crouse - Instructor

Patricia Davis - Instructor, Graduate Student

Amy Tyner - Instructor

Diane Garrett-Kings - Instructor

Amanda Heniff - Instructor

Melissa Viernow - Instructor

Kathryn Martin - Instructor