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Options for Graduate Study in C&I | Curriculum and Instruction | SIU

Options for Graduate Study in C&I

What is a Program Area?

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has five academic program areas for graduate study within the Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) and Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.) programs. Each applicant to these programs must choose one program area that most aligns with his/her background and career goals.

1.Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA)

Coordinator: Dr. Grant Miller
Email: gmiller@siu.edu

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Dr. Grant Miller
Email: gmiller@siu.edu

Designed to serve traditional and nontraditional educators who may seek employment as curriculum specialists in public/private schools, education agencies, state departments/ministries of education in foreign countries, business and industry, and higher education. Particular attention is given to curriculum foundations and theory, development and implementation of curriculum and assessment systems, and program evaluation and management. Key components of this program include systems thinking, culturally relevant pedagogy, and the design of accessible learning environments for learners with diverse needs. Students in this program are encouraged to include additional coursework from one of the following areas: Language, Literacies, and Culture; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education, and/or Human Development and Family Services.

2.STEM Education

Coordinator: Dr. Peter Fadde
Email: fadde@siu.edu

Learning Systems Design and Technology

Dr. Peter Fadde
Email: fadde@siu.edu

Formerly known as the Instructional Design and Instructional Technology program areas, the new LSD&T concentration is designed to prepare students for careers as learning systems designers and learning technologists in higher education, schools, corporations, military, and non-profit organizations. Focuses on the principles and techniques of creating learning products and multimedia-based online resources for learning, instruction, and education. Includes instruction in learning theories, systems design, and principles that apply to the design, development, evaluation, and management of learning systems, resources, and technologies.

Mathematics Education 

Dr. Jerry Becker
Email: jbecker@siu.edu

Designed to prepare personnel for teaching, leadership, and research in mathematics education. Mathematics education faculty aim to contribute to understanding mathematics education as a body of knowledge, provide leadership for effective planned change, and to contribute to service systems which facilitate teaching and learning. The student will be able to identify problems in mathematics teaching and learning, develop solutions to those problems, and implement them in practical situations.

Science Education

Dr. Harvey Henson and Dr. Senetta Bancroft
Email: henson@siu.edu and senetta.bancroft@siu.edu

The science education graduate program invites K-12 teachers, curriculum specialists, scientists and other educational professionals to explore and research contemporary issues related to science learning, teaching, assessment and curriculum. The faculty, Dr. Harvey Henson and Dr. Senetta Bancroft, are jointly appointed in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Human Services and in the College of Science. Our programs are research-focused and include a Master’s and a Doctoral program.

3. Language, Literacies, and Culture

Coordinator: Dr. Crystal Shelby-Caffey
Email: ccaffey@siu.edu

Language, Literacies, and Culture

Dr. Crystal Shelby-Caffey
Email: ccaffey@siu.edu

Designed to provide students with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to implement programs and to deliver instruction in such areas as reading, language arts, children’s literature, and language learning. The program area will produce knowledgeable, competent, ethical professionals who will fill a variety of roles.

Social Science Education

Dr. Grant Miller
Email: gmiller@siu.edu

Designed to provide professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in the area of social science education. Study may focus on improving classroom teaching and/or in-depth study of such areas as global education, values education, citizenship education, critical thinking, and ethnic studies. The design and evaluation of social studies programs may also be emphasized. 

4. Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)

Coordinator: Dr. Stacy Thompson
Email: stacyt@siu.edu         

Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Stacy Thompson
Email: stacyt@siu.edu

Human Development and Family Studies is an interdisciplinary graduate program of study for students interested in the development of the child within the context of the family and family development and dynamics. The program integrates theory, research and practical learning to promote leaders in these academic fields. Graduate students will learn to read and conduct research in the areas of child development, family studies or educational settings for the young child. The program focuses on the application of research to real world issues related to children and families, which is a key element to working with and promoting healthy development of children and families.

Early Childhood

Dr. Stacy Thompson
Email: stacyt@siu.edu

Designed for teachers of children 0-8 years of age in formal or informal educational settings. Courses may be chosen to concentrate on public school education in the pre-kindergarten through third grade, or the education of the child 0-8 outside of the public school. The concentration addresses curriculum development and implementation. Courses focus on research in child development and learning, the development of appropriate teaching strategies, and the evaluation of methods and materials for use with young children.

5. Teacher Leadership

Coordinator: Dr. Christie McIntyre
Email: cherimc@siu.edu

Teacher Leadership

Dr. Christie McIntyre
Email: cherimc@siu.edu

Designed to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to function as teacher educators, teacher leaders, mentors and/or supervisors of instruction in public schools, teacher centers, state departments of education, and university settings.