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CI 407F - Diagnostic Teaching Strategies for Reading
Diagnostic instruments and teaching techniques with an emphasis on understanding and teaching students under-achieving in the area of Reading. Prerequisite: 422 (f) or consent of instructor.

CI 408 - Current Issues
This course will examine developmental ecology of early intervention and the dynamic processes by which children and their environments interact. A comprehensive overview of the knowledge base and critical assessment and implementation strategies of early childhood intervention along with intervention models and appropriate practice will be covered Prerequisites: CI 237, SPED 405 or consent of instructor.

CI 460 - Teaching Reading and Writing in the Middle Grades
Familiarizes middle grades teachers with issues relevant to instruction in literacy skills essential to learning in any subject area. Students will demonstrate personal competency relevant to these skill and understanding of strategies for identifying problems and developing literacy competencies in young adolescents. Prerequisite: Curriculum and Instruction 422 (for elementary majors), 360 (for secondary majors), or consent of instructor.

CI 498P - Workshop in Children’s Literature
Critical evaluation of innovative programs and practices. Acquaints teachers within a single school system or in a closely associated cluster of school systems with the philosophical and psychological considerations and methods of implementation of new programs and practices in children’s literature.

CI 501 - Improving School Reading Programs
For teachers, reading specialists, instructional leaders. Current issues, trends, practices in improving school reading programs at all levels. Special emphasis on school based management, teachers as change agents, curriculum evaluation, staff development and roles of school personnel. Participants assess existing programs and develop improvement plans. Prerequisite: 512, 513 or 561.

CI 512 - Reading in the Elementary School
First course in the reading sequence. Survey of the reading process. Introduction to factors affecting the reading process, the common core of skills, teaching strategies, materials and research.

CI 521 - Advanced Diagnostic Teaching of Reading
Emphasizes diagnostic teaching strategies that teachers and reading specialists employ when dealing with under achievement in reading. Students use informal and formal tests, observation and trial lessons to select instructional materials and activities appropriate to different reading/writing problems. Each student tutors persons while being supervised in the Clinical Center. Prerequisite: 512 or 513 or 561, 407f and consent of instructor.

CI 561 - Reading and Learning from Content and Technical Text
For secondary and college teachers, and others who desire strategies to help students and workers learn from texts. Special emphasis is on how to help others improve their ability to comprehend, study and use texts and other print material encountered in secondary school and the workplace.