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Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.)

The Language, Literacies, and Culture Program Area is flexible and can be tailored to meet a variety of broad or narrow student goals. The program area strives to produce knowledgeable, competent, ethical professionals who fill a variety of roles in various educational settings.



At the Master's level, this program area offers coursework that will afford students opportunities to increase their knowledge about literacy instruction and grow as classroom teachers. After completing the program, students will be able to serve in specialized positions as reading teachers and/or reading specialists.

Courses may be taken from such diverse areas as reading, language arts, linguistics, literature, and speech communication. (Individuals can, but need not, qualify for the state of Illinois endorsement in reading if they hold a valid teaching certificate).


The Master of Science in Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a program area in Language, Literacies, and Culture requires the completion of a minimum of 32 or 36 hours of course work, depending on the research requirement selected. Students must complete 9 credit hours of C&I Core coursework and 15-18 credit hours of required Language, Literacies, and Culture program area Core coursework. Additionally, students will be required to enroll in a 3 credit hour research tools course and complete an additional 9-12 credit hours of elective coursework.

Required C&I Core (9 credit hours)
CI 500 - Introduction to Research Methods in Education (3 credit hours)
CI 503 - Introduction to the Curriculum (3 credit hours)
CI 504 - Systematic Approaches to Instruction (3 credit hours)

Research Tools Course (3 credit hours)
CI 535 - Reading/Language Arts Research Seminar

Language, Literacies, and Culture Core (15-18 credit hours)
Courses vary. See the Language, Literacies, and Culture Curriculum Guide below for more information.

VIEW CURRICULUM GUIDE | M.S.Ed. - Language, Literacies, and Culture (32 hours)

VIEW CURRICULUM GUIDE | M.S.Ed. - Language, Literacies, and Culture (36 hours)