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Reading Endorsement

The following provides an overview of the requirements needed to earn a Reading Teacher Endorsement and Reading Specialist Endorsement.

What are the differences between the Reading Teacher Endorsement and the Reading Specialist Endorsement?

Both the Reading Teacher Endorsement and the Reading Specialist Endorsement are just that – endorsements. That is, they are added to the Professional Educator License (PEL) that you currently possess. Therefore, you are only highly qualified to teach reading at the grade levels for which you are licensed to teach. Although both endorsements meet No Child Left Behind's (NCLB) "Highly Qualified" requirements to teach reading in other than a self-contained classroom, only the Reading Specialist Endorsement qualifies you to provide technical assistance to other teachers and to provide professional development to teachers. 

What if I have taken some of the required courses in my undergraduate program?
Courses taken as an undergraduate MIGHT count toward an endorsement. However, they WILL NOT be counted toward a Master’s Degree. 

What if I already have a Master’s Degree in Reading? Am I eligible for an endorsement?
Not automatically! You will need to bring in your transcripts to determine if you have met all the requirements. The endorsements require specific coursework in particular areas.

Which one of these will allow me to be a Title 1 Reading Teacher at my school?
The answer to that question depends of the role of the Title 1 Reading Teacher at your school as well as the grade levels included.

Which one of these will allow me to be a Reading Coach?
Since the roles of a Reading Coach involve both working with students and providing technical assistance to other teachers, it is necessary to be a Reading Specialist. Consult with an advisor for more information.

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