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CI 400 - Social and Informal Learning
Covers games, simulations, role-playing, discussion forums, and social networking as informal modes of learning in both education and training contexts. Both face-to-face and online aspects of social and informal learning are considered.

CI 401 - Designing Digital Games and Simulations
This course focuses on the design and development of simulated environments (such as digital games and virtual worlds) and how they may be used for the delivery of online learning and instruction. The production process will focus on the use of suitable technologies and game development toolkits to create immediately usable prototypes for learning showcases.

CI 406 - Foundations of Learning Systems Design & Technology
This course provides students with an overview of the issues related to learning systems design and technology (formerly, instructional design and technology). It covers historical foundations, trends, current practice, and future directions of the field and provides students with the context of the courses in the concentration. 

CI 437 - Instructional and Human Performance Technology
For those persons interested in the role that learning systems and instructional design and technology play in the field of human performance technology. Emphasis is upon performance problem identification, the distinction between skill/knowledge deficits and other performance problems, and the rationale for instructional solutions as opposed to electronic performance support systems, feedback and incentives, certification and other HP technologies. The roles that instructional technologists play in ID&T offices in school and non-school settings are examined. A field trip to active instructional design and technology work-places is planned; participation in the field trip is not a course requirement.

CI 452 - Digital Video Production
Video has become an essential aspect of teaching, training, and communications. This course is an intensive workshop that provides a thorough understanding of video formats and production techniques.

CI 455 - Design and Delivery of e-Learning
Investigates e-learning in both higher education and corporate training contexts. The course draws upon the tradition of distance education in covering the design, delivery, and evaluation of online and blended learning in higher education. The course draws upon the tradition of computer-based training (CBT) in covering the design, delivery, and evaluation of web-delivered training in corporations and organizations.

CI 482 - Web Applications for Teachers
Investigates use of the Internet in classroom instruction and for professional development. Focus is on the "4 Cs" of Internet use by teachers: Communication, Content, Collaboration, and Community.

CI 484 - Interactive Multimedia for Learning
An introduction to the evaluation, design, and development of interactive instructional multimedia programs. The instructional methods of Tutorial, Drill and Practice, Simulation and Educational Games are covered. Instructional theory and design aesthetics are included. Projects include designing, developing, and use-testing an interactive instructional multimedia program.

CI 486 - Instructional Development Studio
The “Learning Studio” environment provides students with the opportunity to learn and use authoring systems, languages and product development tools to design, develop and produce online resources for learning and instruction. Participants will showcase learning artifacts created using a variety of commercial productivity tools and creativity suites. Note: This course can be taken up to a maximum of 6 hours, over two different semesters. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.

CI 498 - Workshop in Educational Technology

CI 504 - Systematic Approaches to Instruction
Gives graduate students an opportunity to investigate, discuss and apply systematic approaches to instruction. Special emphasis is given to that element of the instructional system, which allows for the integration of instructional media into the process.

CI 540 - Learning Models for Instructional Design
Surveys models of learning as they apply to the fields of Instructional Design and Instructional Technology. Models ranging from behaviorism to constructivism are covered along with theories concerning cognitive development and motivation. Theories are applied to analyzing instructional situations.

CI 551 - Assessment and Learning Using Virtual Environments
This course covers the foundations and trends in the research literature regarding the use of game, simulated and virtual environments for online learning and assessments. Issues and implications of these environments for instructional delivery, decision-making analysis of users and performance assessment methodologies are included. 

CI 553 - Consulting in Learning Systems Design and Technology
This course applies current research and technology to the solution of instructional problems in higher education and corporate training environments. The student is guided through the systematic process of identifying instructional and performance problems, specifying learning objectives, analyzing tasks and learners, organizing resources, specifying methods and media, and assessing outcomes. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

CI 557 - Task Analysis
This seminar is designed to provide participants with skills in using several different task and content analysis techniques–those techniques used to make explicit the components of complex human performances and knowledges. Emphasis is placed on choosing the correct task analysis procedure and practicing the most widely accepted techniques currently in use. Prerequisite: 504 or consent of instructor. 

CI 560 - Content and Learning Management Systems for e-Learning
The course covers the design and development of Content and Learning Management Systems (CMS/LMS) for the management and online delivery of learning resources in education, business and other training settings. Emphasis will be placed on the rapid development and management of e-Learning systems using CMS/LMS development tools and Web 2.0 technologies.

CI 585N - Internship in Educational Media

CI 587 - Evaluating Learning and Instructional Programs
The course emphasizes the evaluation of individual learner performance as well as program evaluation in the interest of assessing curriculum and instruction effectiveness. The rationales and assumptions supporting criterion-referenced evaluation are presented in contrast to those recommending norm-referenced evaluation. Data collection strategies for both qualitative and quantitative data are included. Attention is also given to the construction of evaluation reports.