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Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.)

One of the areas of study under STEM Education is mathematics education.



Graduate students in mathematics education are required to complete a minimum of 36 hours of course work to complete the degree. Students are required to enroll in 9 credit hours of C&I Core coursework and must complete 15-18 credit hours of required mathematics education coursework. Students in the mathematics education must also complete an additional 9-12 credit hours of elective coursework.

Required C&I Core (9 credit hours)
CI 500 - Introduction to Research Methods in Education (3 credit hours)
CI 503 - Introduction to the Curriculum (3 credit hours)
CI 504 - Systematic Approaches to Instruction (3 credit hours)

Required Core Courses (15–18 credits)
CI 537 - Current Issues in Mathematics Education (3 credit hours)
CI 538 - Research in Mathematics Education (3 credit hours)

Your choice of three or four:
CI 415 - Modem Approaches to Teaching Middle School Mathematics (3 credit hours)
CI 498E - Workshops – Mathematics (3 credit hours)
CI 516 - Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (3 credit hours)
CI 525 - Applications of Microcomputers to Mathematics Education (3 credit hours)
CI 528 - Methods for Teaching Math in the Preschool & Early Childhood Grades (3 credit hours)
CI 530 - Teaching Problem Solving in School Mathematics (3 credit hours)
CI 590E - Readings – Mathematics (3 credit hours)
CI 593E - Individualized Research – Mathematics (3 credit hours)
CI 594E - Practicum – Mathematics (3 credit hours)

Mathematics Education Elective Courses (9-12 credit hours)
Courses vary. See Mathematics Education Curriculum Guide below for more information.

VIEW CURRICULUM GUIDE | M.S.Ed. – Mathematics Education


Students will take a variety of courses under mathematics education. For a complete list and description of courses available to mathematics education students, view the SIU Course Catalog for mathematics education (PDF).