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Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.)

Science Education courses are designed to meet the professional goals and needs of individuals planning to enter formal and non-formal science education arenas. These courses will help prepare science educators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in the field of science education.

Program Requirements:

A total of 72 semester hours is required in order to complete the degree. Students will take 15 credit hours of required COEHS and CI core courses (see list below). An additional 24 credit hours will be taken in Science or Science Education courses. Students will also be required to complete 24 credit hours of doctoral dissertation coursework.

College of Education and Human Services Core (6 credit hours)
EDUC 510 (3 hours) Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Education
-          and –
Either EDUC 511 or EDUC 512

Research Tool Courses (at least 9 credit hours)
EDUC 505 Introduction to Quantitative Research in Education
EAHE 587 Introduction to Qualitative Research
One more course in research methods, as approved by the student’s dissertation committee

CI Professional Core (9 credit hours)
CI 582 Advanced Research Methods in Education
CI 583 Instructional Theory, Principles, and Practices
CI 584 Curriculum Theory, Foundations, and Principles