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Social Science Education Courses

CI 424 - Teaching Elementary School Social Science
Emphasis on the structure and process of teaching social science in the elementary school setting. Specific attention to the fundamentals of developing social science objectives, planning units, developing a general teaching model, organizing the curriculum and evaluating behavioral change. Study of learning materials, specialized equipment and resources.

CI 469 - Teaching Social Sciences in the Secondary School
Emphasis is placed on the analysis and evaluation of the social sciences with focus on instructional strategies and curricular designs in the teaching of history, geography, political science, economics, and sociology. Prerequisite: Education 313 or consent of instructor.

CI 470 - Advanced Secondary Social Science Teaching Methods
This course will help students develop instructional materials and curricular designs for history and social science classrooms at the secondary level. Students will also have an opportunity to gather, analyze, corroborate, and synthesize sources and data for research they can then incorporate in their own classroom. Integrating technology in instruction and assessment will also be emphasized.

CI 524 - Methods for Teaching Social Sciences in the Elementary School [Pre-K-6]
A study of theory and practices of teaching and developing programs in elementary school social studies. Particular attention to be given to trends and issues in social studies. Various social studies models will be examined and evaluated for practical use. Students must demonstrate behaviorally the competencies and skills related to successful performance in the teaching of social studies.

CI 570 – Current Issues in Social Science Education
This course uses historical and contemporary perspectives to explore the nature and purposes of social studies education in American K-12 schools.

CI 585g - Topical Seminar
A graduate level seminar that involves the study of special problems and related research associated with practical educational situations.

CI 590g - Independent Readings
Directed readings in literature and research.

CI 594 - Practicum
For Master’s degree students: professional consultation, teaching demonstration, practical application of advanced theory, work with clinical cases, or program development implementation, and evaluation in school systems, community colleges, or universities. In addition, may involve reading and research directed to special problems involved in on-site situations.