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Teacher Leadership Courses

CI 465 - Advanced Teaching Methods | Fall
The focus is on a variety of teaching methods and strategies, which are appropriate for secondary and/or post-secondary educators. Both individual and group methods are emphasized.

CI 466 - Documenting Accomplished Teaching | TBA
This course will help teachers understand and gain requisite skills for participation in the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification/licensing process. As part of learning to understand and document NBPTS standards, teachers will describe, analyze, and reflect on drafts of written commentaries, videotapes of small and large group lessons, and student work.

CI 508 - Systematic Observation and Analysis of Instruction | Fall, Summer
Students will learn to use conferencing techniques and to construct and use valid and reliable systematic observation instruments to provide the basis for analysis and feedback about classroom instruction.

CI 533 - Instructional Leadership | Summer
A study of research and related literature concerning the roles and responsibilities of various instructional leaders in public and private schools, professional development centers, state departments of education and college or university settings. Leadership styles and behaviors, especially as they apply to the academic circumstances and environments in specific case studies, are examined.

CI 536 - Partnerships and Mentoring the New Professional | Summer
A study of the theories, practices, and research of Professional Development Schools and other collaborative teacher education and school reform initiatives with special attention given to the issues of collaboration and cooperation, team building, and consensus building, honoring diversity and change, and educators as problem solvers.

CI 575 - Critical Issues in Instructional Supervision | Spring (odd years)
Students will examine the history, nature, and evolution of supervision for instructional improvement. Students will be introduced to the concepts, theory, and research findings from many fields of study that have implications for today’s supervisory process. Supervisory assumptions and practices will be examined in light of current knowledge of teaching effectiveness.

CI 576 - Critical Issues in Teacher Education | Spring (even years)
Students will examine critical issues, problems, and trends in teacher education. Emphasis is placed on strategies for clarifying the issues, solving the problems, and examining the possible impact of the trends.

CI 580 - Current Trends in Education | Spring
Trends, issues, problems in education related to the student, program, school organization, staff, material and media, the school building, and the process of innovation and change.