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Doctorate of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.)

The Teacher Leadership Program Area is designed to provide professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in the area of Teacher Leadership. Study may focus on improving classroom teaching and/or in-depth study of such areas as global education, values education, citizenship education, critical thinking, and ethnic studies.



Our graduate program areas in Teacher Leadership provide maximum flexibility in preparing experienced teachers for leadership roles. Some students come into this program because they want to deepen their curriculum background while simultaneously learning skills that will promote building-wide curriculum implementation. Others choose it because they want to strengthen their preparation to be mentors to pre-service or novice teachers.

The program area is also designed to be compatible with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards process, serving to support those who are actively going through the process as well as those who wish to gain knowledge and skills associated with the process.


A total of 72 semester hours is required in order to complete the degree. Students will take 15 semester hours of required COEHS and C&I core courses (see list below). An additional 12 credit hours will be taken in the teacher leadership program area. Students will also be required to complete 24 credit hours of doctoral dissertation coursework and 7 credit hours of elective coursework. Students will also need to enroll in 9 credit hours of research tools courses.

College of Education Professional Core (6 credit hours)
EDUC 510 - Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Education
– and –
EDUC 511 - Doctoral Seminar in Philosophical and Cultural Foundations of Education
– or – EDUC 512 - Doctoral Seminar in Behavioral and Cognitive Foundations of Education

C&I Professional Core (9 credit hours)
CI 582 - Advanced Research Methods in Education
CI 583 - Instructional Theory, Principles, and Practices
CI 584 - Curriculum Theory, Foundations, and Principles

Teacher Leadership Research Tools Courses (9 credit hours)
QUAN 505 - Introduction to Quantitative Research
EAHE 587 - Introduction to Qualitative Research
Your Choice of a Cross-Departmental Research Course (3 credit hours)

Teacher Leadership Program Area Courses (12 credit hours)
Courses vary. See the Teacher Leadership Doctoral Curriculum Guide below for more information.

VIEW CURRICULUM GUIDE | Ph.D. – Teacher Leadership

For a complete and detailed list of the C&I doctoral program requirements, visit the College of Education and Human Services’ degree requirement page.