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Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE)

The Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE) project provides instructional equipment and support for faculty within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

TQE is responsible for developing how-to guides and tutorials to help faculty better use instructional technologies in the classroom. TQE also provides equipment loans to C&I faculty and provide technical assistance and instructional support when necessary. TQE also supports the Teacher Education Program.

Are you developing an online course? If so, the TQE Project can help! As practitioners of instructional design, our staff is well-versed in online course development and can help you translate your campus-based course to an appropriate online format.

Provide your students with a more engaging experience today using SIUonline alongside your face-to-face course.
Mahtab Naghnaeian D2L Specialist
Phone: (618) 453-8092
Email: mnaghnaeian@siu.edu