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Equipment List

Elmo CartElmo Presentation Cart

What Is It?
Similar to overhead projectors, ELMO (Electric Light Magnifying Object) Projectors display text onto a white screen or wall. The ELMO system uses a digital camera to display images, instead of a lightbulb (lightbulbs are the primary light source use in many older overhead projector models). The ELMO projector works like an overhead projector, only there is no need to deal with transparencies. Instructors can just place an textbook, photo or display object under the document camera and the object will be displayed in high resolution. The Elmo Projector allows teachers to demonstrate and teach by displaying a variety of media which can then be manipulated by both the teacher and students.


  • TT-12 Interactive Document Camera
    The Document camera has enhanced zoom and video recording abilities. The camera allows for multi-directional adjustments. The device includes HDMI, VGA and USB mini ports.
  • Elmo Wireless Tablet
    The Wireless Tablet gives instructors the freedom to move throughout the classroom to interact with students. The tablets allows instructors to interact with the document camera and other Elmo components from anywhere in the classroom.
  • CRP-221 Projector
    The media projector can be used to project a computer/laptop screen. It can also be used to watch movies and play video games.


  • HV-110U Document Camera
    A portable document camera that can be used with or without the Elmo cart. Quantity = 2.
  • EV-2000AF Visual Presenter Document Camera
    A portable document camera that can be used with or without the Elmo cart. Quantity = 1.

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Laptops (Mac and PC)

macbookTQE makes laptops available to teachers to use for visual aids, presentations and for travel purposes.

Television/DVD Media Cart

TQE provides a media cart for instructors who need to play videos in classrooms that are not equipped with a Smartboard or a ceiling-mounted overhead projector.

Overhead Projectors

overhead projectorOlder model projects are available. Teachers must supply their own transparency sheets.

Promethean ActivBoard
300 Pro System
(Located in Wham 302 & 205)

ActivBoard 300 Pro SystemThe ActivBoard 300 Pro is a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines graphics, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and dual-user functionality. The ActivBoard 300 Pro, like all Promethean products, was created to provide maximum ease of use and adaptability in the classroom. With a durable, classroom-ready surface and dual-user functionality, every student is encouraged to collaborate and participate. Integrate sound clips to turn up the volume of lessons and captivate students with clear sounds emanating from built-in speakers and a discrete yet powerful amplifier.

  • Enhanced collaboration
    With ActivBoard 300 Pro’s dual-user functionality, two ActivPens can be used simultaneously during lessons, promoting collaboration and student engagement.Connect and share
  • Set-up
    USB power and two accessible USB ports simplify connection to your computer.
  • Complete, integrated solution
    ActivBoard 300 Pro works seamlessly with Promethean software, learner response systems, interactive tools and content to transform your classroom into an interactive, integrated environment.

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computer cordsComputer Accessories

TQE provides a number of computer cords, adapters, cables, memory cards, and other peripherals for C&I faculty. Contact the office for more information.