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Dr. Christie McIntyreI wouldn't be able to explore technology in my classrooms as effectively without the help of TQE. They are always prepared and very knowledgeable about technology's impact on the student experience.

The Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE) Project is an invaluable resource for C&I faculty. The TQE staff are always prepared and are very knowledgeable about the latest trends in instructional technology. As students of instructional design, the TQE staff not only understand how to operate these technologies, but they are also able to anticipate the student experience - helping instructors adapt their approach to create a more meaningful and insightful learning experience.

TQE has been instrumental in helping students in my CI 324 and CI 313 courses develop the skills needed to use classroom technologies effectively and prepare for teacher performance assessments. TQE helped my students learn how to operate the ELMO Interactive Document Camera and Wireless Tablet as well as the Promethean Activboard system. TQE also developed a video production workshop to instruct students on the best methods for recording video for their teacher performance assessment, which is now required for teacher licensure in the state of Illinois.

- Dr. Christie McIntyre

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