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College of Education and Human Services

Loren Perry-Wagner

Elementary Education Student

Philosophy of Education: All children deserve an education that focuses not only on academics, but on emotional and social skills as well. All students should feel safe in their school and in their classroom.  All students should have an environment that encourages them to develop a desire for knowledge and build their intrinsic motivation. I plan to hold every student to the highest expectations because that is my obligation as their teacher. I realize that every student is unique, so I will always keep an open mind and do everything I can to meet their needs. Lastly, I promise my students that I will make every lesson as fun and memorable as possible.

Favorite Education Quote: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."-Nelson Mandela

Career Goals: My ultimate goal is to teach in a Spanish language emersion classroom or to teach English in a Spanish speaking country.

Awards or Scholarships: This year I have been awarded the Madelyn Scott Treece Scholarship and the Elementary Education Student Organization (EESO) Scholarship.

Favorite Part of Teaching: My favorite part of teaching is watching my students grow and blossom throughout the course of the year. I also love teaching because I know that I am making a positive impact on my students’lives and on their futures.

Why you would recommend SIU College of Education and Human Services: I would recommend SIU College of Education and Human Services because we really are one big family. Everyone here wants to see you succeed and will help you in any way possible to make sure that you achieve your goals. The courses are taught by some of the best in the profession, and they prepare you very well for whatever field you go into. There is also a variety of opportunities, such as internships and RSO's, available so you can get involved, network, and further your career.

Student Involvement: President of Educators for Excellence (E4E), President of Elementary Education Student Organization (EESO), and Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Chi Chapter, year long teaching internship 2016-2017.

Anything else you'd like to share: My biggest word of advice is to take advantage of all of the opportunities (scholarships, RSO's, internships, etc.) that COEHS has to offer! Don't wait until your last year to get involved because you will have missed so many amazing opportunities for networking, unique learning experiences, and tremendous growth and development in your chosen field.