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School Counseling Courses

In addition to the core curriculum, a series of courses are required for each specialization. These include courses within students’ chosen specialization area, and courses focused on developing professional clinical skills. In addition to completing their chosen course of study, students may opt to complete a Master’s thesis.

Listed below are the specialization courses in the School Counseling track. 

Course ID Credit
Course Title
EPSY 100 2 Career Decision Making
EPSY 502 3 Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues in School Counseling
EPSY 521 3 Consultation in Schools and Organizational Systems
EPSY 548A 3 School Counseling Practicum
EPSY 548C 3 Career Group Practicum
EPSY 549 Diagnosis & Treatment in Counseling
EPSY 591 3 Internship in Counseling
EPSY 599 1-6 Thesis
REHB 566 3 Alcoholism and the Family
SPED 420 3 Advanced Theories and Practices in Special Education