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Program Guide

Courses you will take to complete the endorsement include:

SPED 300/420 (3) Introduction to Special Education or SPED 420 Advanced Theories and Practices in Special Education or EDUC 308 (3) Characteristics and Methods for Teaching Exceptional Children  

SPED 410 (3) Characteristics of Students with Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, and Mental Retardation

SPED 411 (3) Assessment in Special Education /SPED 494A Practicum in Special Education -Assessment

SPED 423 (3) General Procedures in Special Education

SPED 418 (3) Methods and Materials for Teaching a Functional Curriculum / SPED 494B Practicum in Special Education -  Functional Curriculum

SPED 417 (3) Behavior Management for Children and Youth with Disabilities / EDUC 400 Section 222

SPED 419 (3) Academic Methods and Materials for Students with Disabilities / EDUC 400 Section 222

SPED 425 (3) Home-School Coordination in Special Education

SPED 430 (3) Secondary Programming for Students in Special Education

At least 3 credit hours from one of the following areas: Reading, Math or Technology – recommend C&I 422, take with EDUC 323 Practicum Section 099

SPED 495 Internship (3-6 credit hours)

State licensure tests :       

Test of Academic Proficiency (400)
Learning Behavior Specialist (155)
Assessment of Professional Teaching (104)         
Special Education General Curriculum (163)