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College of Education and Human Services

College Teaching Certificate Course Requirements


 Course Title        

Semester Hours      

Common Core     

 (12 hours)

EAHE 508 College Student Development Theory  3 hours
EAHE 510 Higher Education in the United States 3 hours
EAHE 518 College Teaching 3 hours
EAHE 524 Curriculum Design and Policy  3 hours

Organizational Core (choose one)

(3 hours)

EAHE 513

Organization and Administration
in Hgher Education

3 hours
EAHE 526 The Community College 3 hours


(3 hours)

EAHE 598 Higher Education Internship  3 hours

Total credit hours:

18 hours

All of these courses are 500-level courses.  See SIU Catalog for title and description of each course.