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Students desiring a Certificate in Gerontology are required to complete 12 credit hours of required core courses.

Students need six credit hours of a supervised practicum/research project in an approved practice or research setting, e.g. (intergenerational policy or research setting). A student may choose a 3-hour supervised practicum/research project and a 3-hour elective if they have extensive practical experience in the area of gerontology.

Students must maintain a SIU GPA of 3.0 or better in the certificate program.

Completion of a portfolio/research project and presentation.

Waiving Requirements:  No more than three hours of coursework in approved core courses completed prior to admission to the program may be applied to the certificate requirements. If the course content has been previously taken in a previous program.

Core Requirements...........12

  • GRON/HED 440 – 3 hrs – Health Issues in Aging [online, summer only]
  • GRON/KIN 428 – 3 hrs – Physical Activity and Exercise for Older Adults [Online, every semester]
  • GRON/SOCW 575 – 3 hrs – Policy and Program Issues in Aging [Online, every semester]
  • GRON/REHB 405 – 3 hrs – Introduction to Aging and Rehabilitation [Online, every semester] OR REHB 446 – 3 hrs - Psychological Aspects of Aging

GRON 555: Practicum/Research – 6 hrs (student may petition to complete a 3 hour practicum and enroll in 3 hour elective if you have sufficient work experience with older adults.)

From within the various departments in the College of Education and Human Services and the University of Southern Illinois students may meet requirements for electives from the following courses.

  • HED 402 – 3 hrs – Death Education
  • KIN 506 - 3 hrs - Medical Aspects of Exercise
  • REC 440C – 3 hrs – Therapeutic Recreation for the Aged
  • REHB 405, 446, or 505 may be used as an elective.
  • SOCW 559 – 3 hrs - Mental Health and Aging
  • PSY 517 – Aging, Memory & Cognition
  • SOC 465 – Sociology of Aging
  • EDUC 550 Seminar in Gerontology

In order to complete the Certificate program, you must submit and present a portfolio to the Gerontology Advisory Board for review and approval.

Any substitutions or changes need to be approved by the Gerontology Advisory Board.