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Juliane Poock Wallace

Chair and Associate Professor

Juliane Poock Wallace

Office: Davies Hall 107
Phone: 618-453-3133


Ph.D. Iowa State University (Exercise Physiology), 2005
M.S. Iowa State University (Exercise Physiology/Biomechanics), 2000
B.S., Concordia University (Biology), 1993

About Dr. Wallace

Dr. Wallace is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science and current Exercise Science Program Director for the department.  Her primary focus of training and study is in the sub disciplinary area of cardiovascular exercise physiology.  She serves as Director of the Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology Laboratory, on the Advisory Board for the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, and as the faculty advisor for the SIU Women’s Volleyball Sport Club.

Dr. Wallace’s primary teaching responsibilities include KIN 420: Advanced Exercise Physiology, KIN 428: Physical Dimensions of Aging, and KIN 500: Research Methods in Physical Activity. 

Dr. Wallace’s research interests are in the area of cardiovascular physiology, and more specifically the relationship between aging, fitness level and mechanisms of blood pressure regulation. In studying these areas, the interaction between fitness level, aging, and antihypertensive medications can aid in the treatment of hypertension.  Hypertension is a leading cause of heart disease in this country.

Dr. Wallace is currently President Elect of the Midwest American College of Sports Medicine (MWACSM).  She has served on Board of Directors for MWACSM. Dr. Wallace has been a member of the national American College of Sports Medicine since 2001 and achieved Fellowship status in 2007.  She has also served on the ACSM Education Committee

Selected Publications

Wallace, J.P., Anton, P.A., Goelz, J.A., & Sougiannis, A.T. (2012).  Higher calf venous compliance in male runners than swimmers.  Journal of Exercise Physiology 15:6:49-59.

Wallace, J.P., Trail, G, & Franke, W.D. (2010). LBNP tolerance analyzed retrospectively using a structural equation model.  Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 81:363-368.

Hernandez, J.P., Roever, K. and Seed, T.  (2010). Cardiovascular responses to maximal graded and acute lower body negative pressure in fit older and younger adults.  Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 18;27-42.

Hernandez, J.P. & Godar, E.B. (2009) Calf venous compliance in endurance trained females.  Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline 12(4);39-49.