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Physical Education

Students wishing to gain experience in Physical Education and areas related to Physical Education may pursue work in Physical Education. A Student with a minor in Physical Education in secondary education must complete the following courses for a total of 30+ hours:

Required courses list 1
Courses: Hours
KIN 113 Aquatics 2
KIN 116 Team Sports 3


Required courses list 2
Courses: Hours
KIN 120 Individual Sports 3
KIN 118 Rhythms and Dance 2

Required Methods Courses:

Courses: Hours
KIN 305 Methods of Teaching Physical Education for Special Populations 2
KIN 323 Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education 3

Required Theory Courses:

Courses: Hours
KIN 201 Concepts of Physical Fitness 3
KIN 300 Musculoskeletal Anatomy 3
KIN 301 Foundation, Organization, and Administration of Physical Education 3
KIN 313 Motor Behavior 3

Choose Between 320 or 321

Courses: Hours
KIN 320 Physiologic Basis of Human Movement 3
KIN 321 Biomechanical Analysis of Sport 3
KIN 324 Essentials of Athletic Training 2
KIN 370 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education 3
PHSL 201 Human Physiology 3