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Physical Education Teacher Education

SIU Carbondale Financial Sustainability Plan

The SIU Carbondale Financial Sustainability Plan that was released by Acting Chancellor/President Randy Dunn and approved by the SIU Board of Trustees on Thursday July 13, 2017.

In this plan, Physical Education Teacher Education has been listed as a program that has suspended admission effective Fall 2018. The Physical Education Teacher Education program has been very low enrolled for a number of years now and there are currently no tenure track faculty. These issues are due in large part to decisions made at the state level. The Department of Kinesiology will be assessing the status of the program to determine the next steps. Be assured that we will teach out any current PE majors who wish to complete their degree at SIUC.

This is clearly a sad day for the Department of Kinesiology as Physical Education was the original major that launched the Department. That said, the Department of Kinesiology is going strong with two thriving undergraduate majors: Exercise Science and Sport Administration, as well as an MS with specializations in Exercise Science and Sport Studies.

Physical Education Teacher Education

Upon graduation, students are qualified to apply for an Illinois Professional Teaching Licensure, valid to teach in Illinois public and private schools, kindergarten through twelfth grade, promoting physical activity and health with children and youth. In keeping with the vision and mission of SIUC, the program is to not only prepare students to become excellent physical education teachers, but also valuable members of the school and local community.

Reasons Southern Illinois University Carbondale PETE Program is a great program:

  • Faculty members are experienced leaders in the field of Physical Education.
  • PETE students in the PETE /TEP program begin immediately in clinical observation and teaching field experience in the surrounding k-12 schools prior to student teaching. We want you to experience the physical education classroom early and often in your collegiate career.
  • PETE teacher students complete a 16 week student teaching experience at both the elementary and secondary levels.
  • Student teaching sites are available in local schools in southern Illinois to sites near Chicago and St Louis.