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Q: Why is the Gateway Portfolio required in Teacher Education?

A: Our Conceptual Framework emphasizes the professional development of teachers and other educational personnel as a lifelong, reflective process. As part of this continuing learning experience, and to support our Teacher Education Program, the assessment system that includes this Gateway Portfolio was developed so that both our current students and our faculty will have a clearer idea, at different points in time, of the extent to which they are successful in the achievement of our goals for them.

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Q: When do I apply for entitlement/educator license?

A: You apply for entitlement/educator license after you have completed your student teaching, all appropriate State tests are completed, your degree has been posted, and you have received an email from SIU stating that you should apply.

Q: How is entitlement/educator license processed?

A: Entitlement/educator license is processed on-line through the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Q: What are the required licensure tests?

A: Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency, taken prior to admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP); Content Area Test, taken prior to student teaching; edTPA, taken prior to licensure.

Every student seeking teacher educator licensure is required to take and pass appropriate testing for the license and endorsement(s) being sought before entitlement/licensure may be marked complete. A passing score report on the content area test(s) required for licensure is needed prior to student teaching.

Please refer to the Illinois State Board of Education website for information on what is required for licensure:

All test study guides are available on-line at the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) website:

Q: At what point in a student’s academic career should he/she take the tests?

A: Passing scores on the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency are a requirement for admission in the Teacher Education Program (TEP). A passing score on the appropriate Content Area test is required prior to student teaching. A passing score on the edTPA is required in order to qualify for entitlement through the Teacher Education Program – it is required before licensure is processed. Students are strongly encouraged to pass the edTPA during or prior to their student teaching semester so that there is no delay in licensure.

Q: If you don’t pass a test the first time, can you retake the test?

A: Yes. The retake policy for all ILTS tests can be found here:

Q: What is the cost of a test?

A: Information about test fees can be found here:

Q: What steps can a student take to make sure everything is on schedule for his/her graduation and educator license?

A: Check with your advisor.

Q: What must occur before the entitling institution, SIUC, may mark a student’s entitlement/educator license complete?

A: Your degree must be posted and you must pass all State required tests.

Q: Once the student has received approval for licensure for their level of educator license, what is the process students need to go through to apply for entitlement/educator license?

A: You will receive an email from the Educator Licensure Coordinator with instructions on how to apply for entitlement/educator license.

Q: How do I request transcripts to be sent to the Illinois State Board of Education for educator license purposes?

A: Contact SIUC's Department of Records and Registration or on-line at

Q: What if a student wants to pursue educator license in another state?

A: Contact the State Board of Education in the state in which you want to obtain educator license for instructions.

Q: Where can a student go for information on job opportunities, state standards, recent legislative issues, and other educator license issues?

A: On-line at

Q: When do I apply for entitlement/educator license?

A: Undergraduate students create their licensure account through ISBE's Educator Licensure Information System and apply for licensure prior to the Student Teacher Orientation meeting for their student teaching semester. A letter verifying the date, time, and location of the orientation will be provided to each student by the Office of Teacher Education during the semester prior to student teaching.

All other students seeking licensure must obtain departmental approval prior to completing the educator licensure process.

Students assigned to a student teaching placement in Belleville or the Chicago area, or other special arrangement site should come to Wham 135 and complete a Licensure Documentation Form during the semester prior to student teaching.

To make application for entitlement/educator license, the student should complete a Licensure Documentation Form through the Office of Teacher Education. Also, a “Transcript Request Form”, and $5.00 fee per transcript must be submitted to the SIU Transcripts Office. A total of two (2) transcripts will be needed at a total cost of $10.00. One transcript will be sent to the Illinois State Board of Education and one transcript sent to the student.

Students must make sure the Educator Licensure Coordinator has all correct personal contact information. There will be times throughout the semester when personal contact is necessary. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Educator Licensure Coordinator as soon as possible if any contact information changes. Students must also apply for graduation no later than the end of the first week of the semester you will graduate (if applicable).

Q: How is entitlement/educator licensure processed?

A: Educator Licensure requests are processed throughout the semester. Academic advisors and program coordinators are routinely asked to complete a licensure check for each student to verify if the student has met all educator license requirements, including required tests, and to indicate endorsements, if applicable, for which a student is eligible.

The Educator Licensure Coordinator will send a list of students seeking educator licensure to the Records Officer, Office of Admissions and Records. Also, the request is made to post degrees in a timely manner. Once degrees are posted and the student submits a transcript request and payment for transcripts through the SIUC Transcripts Office, the Transcripts Office will release one transcript to the Illinois State Board of Education and one to the student.

The entitlement/licensure request is then processed electronically by the Educator Licensure Coordinator (i.e. electronically signed, stamped, transcript verification, entitlement and endorsement verified). The Educator Licensure Coordinator will then contact the student by e-mail for the student to complete the entitlement/licensure process on-line through the Illinois State Board of Education’s Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) at

Note: The on-line educator licensure process is completed by the student using a major credit card. If you do not have a credit card or are uncomfortable using a credit card on-line, you will have to make arrangements with the Educator Licensure Coordinator to complete the licensure paperwork procedure.

Note: Individuals who are not United States citizens must complete the educator licensure paperwork procedure. In addition, students must complete ISBE Form 73-91 - “Notice of Intent to Become a United States Citizen”, and provide proof of U.S. citizenship or valid U.S. work authorization, before educator licensure may be processed. Please contact the Educator Licensure Coordinator for additional information.