Brown Bag Series returns with "An Introduction to MOOCs"

Southern Illinois University



Brown Bag Series returns with "An Introduction to MOOCs

October 15, 2014


Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Noon -1:00 PM in Wham 219

Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, PhD, BCBA-D
Professor, Behavior Analysis and Therapy and Certified
Online Instructor, Online Learning Consortium
presents "An Introduction to MOOCs" First of a 3-part Series on Technology-Enabled Instruction

Discussion will include:

  • Concept of massive open online, or or open boundary courses.
  • History of such courses, the many varieties, current evidence for and against their efficacy, and their implications for the future of higher education.
  • Explore the university’s first MOOC delivered by the Behavior Analysis and Therapy program in January, 2015.

Feel free to bring your lunch. | For more information: 453.2415 |

All Students, Faculty and Staff are Welcome!