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New Illinois workNet Site Supports Displaced Workers

June 16, 2014, Alan Overton

New Illinois workNet Site Supports Displaced Workers.

workNet Illinois layoff recoveryThe Southern Illinois University’s Center for Workforce Development (CWD) has created a new set of tools to help workers throughout the state successfully transition to a new job or even a new career in the wake of a layoff.  These tools are available to any state resident through the Illinois workNet website.

The Illinois workNet website provides a centralized repository where individuals can find a wide array of helpful information tailored to the circumstances of specific layoffs, as well as tools for updating their resume and conducting a job search. 

The site provides a place for the CWD’s workforce partners to create layoff recovery pages and pull real-time reports on recent layoffs based on their size, location, or other criteria.  It also hosts a forum where partners can survey displaced workers, a requirement for receiving Department of Labor funding.

One important feature of the site is the use of responsive design.  This means that the format of the site adjusts to the device on which it is viewed, so that whether a visitor to the site is sitting at a desktop computer, or accessing data from a smart phone or tablet, they will be able to access the data they need.

The website is serving as a model for assisting displaced workers in other localities, as well.  It is being presented to the U.S. Department of Labor, and made available to other states.

To view a short video or download a flyer about the project, please visit:

The site can be found at:

For additional information, please contact the SIU College of Education and Human Service’s News and Information office at (618) 453-5177.