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2015 COEHS Excellence Awards Recipients

April 14, 2015

Every day, colleagues across the campus inspire us with their incredible talent, passion and commitment. This University-wide awards program is an opportunity to pulicly recognize outstanding teaching, significant scholarly and artistic contributions, and dedication to furthering the mission of our University.

Outstanding Grad Assistant Teaching Award:

Dalia Chowdhury (Rehablititation)

“Ms. Chowdhury is a remarkably motivated instructor who is eager, excited, and involved with teaching student skills of subject matter.”

“...I have witnessed Ms. Chowdhury mentoring students and seeking feedback from us to stay vigilant to students’ needs that I believe has greatly improved her teaching style.”

Dva RothDava Roth (Curriculum Instruction)

“Dava is very personable and engages her students in a way few can. She treats each student as an individual making sure she or he gets the needed help.”

“Personally, Dava is a bright, enthusiastic, and inquisitive individual. She is a devoted educator who has continued to pursue an education and learn new skills and information to help future learners.”

Outstanding Teaching Award - TT:
Bobbi Knapp, Assistant Professor of Sport Studies in the Department of Kinesiology and Program Director for the KIN 210 Diversity in Sport course

“Dr. Knapp has further demonstrated contributions to teaching by directing the departmental program designed to fulfill the University Core Curriculum (UCC) multicultural-diversity requirement.”

“Another form of high quality teaching evidence can be found in the many indirect teaching activities that Dr. Knapp engaged in with her students. These include service on five PhD dissertations, three masters’ thesis, and numerous masters’ research projects.”

L-R: Dean Keith B. Wilson with Dr. Knapp

Bobbi Knapp

Outstanding Teaching Award - NTT:
Tina Colson, Senior Lecturer in Department of Heatlth Education and Recreation

“I have observed and witnessed how Ms. Colson effectively and efficiently teaches her classes, how friendly and enthusiastically she interacts with her students, how much critical contribution she makes for the success of our program.” 

L-R: Ms. Colson with Dean Keith B. Wilson

Tina Colson

Civil Service Staff Excellence Award:
Christine Cisco, Administrative Aide in Department of Heatlth Education and Recreation 

“She absolutely demonstrates excellence in overall work performance, contributes to student success through various efforts, promotes inclusive excellence, and exemplifies professionalism and serves as a positive role model for all constituencies of SIU campus.”

“Christine is the only office staff remaining in HER and has become a responsible office staff for every office duty and responsibility.”

L-R: Ms. Ms. Cisco with Dean Keith B. Wilson

Christine Cisco

Civil Service Staff Excellence Award:
Pejman Kamkarian, Local Area Network Support
Specialist II

“Pejman has demonstrated skills in supporting all of our team, and has shown tremendous strengths in adapting to the changing technology “world” and has worked diligently to ensure that our computer software and hardware, network and data conservation are effectively and efficiently administered and managed.”

“Between his technical competency and likeable personality, Pejman is a perfect fit for managing our network computers, as well as our software and hardware.”

L-R: Dean Keith B. Wilson with Pejman Kamkarian

Pejman Kamkarian

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA). Faculty Mentor Award of Excellence for CoEHS:
Valerie Boyer, Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Institute and Director, The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders