ISLE Open Educational Resources Project Shown to Dept. of Ed

Southern Illinois University



CWD Presents at Dept. of Ed

February 26, 2016, Zach Martin

Jeanne Kitchens, associate director of the Center for Workforce Development, presented her work on the ISLE Open Educational Resources project to the U.S. Department of Education at an invitation-only event Friday as part of the department's #GoOpen initiative, "a campaign to encourage states, school districts and educators to use openly licensed educational materials."

Kitchens presented the project at a White House Open Symposium earlier this year, and was invited to make the project part of the invite-only #GoOpen launch event in the nation's capital.

According the the Dept. of Education's #GoOpen website, the program is designed to harness the potential of openly-licensed educational resources to increase access to quality educational opportunities throughout the United States, reducing funding for textbooks and allowing districts to spend more on the transition to digital learning.