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Incomplete Executive Council

Executive Council Members

Executive Council has the highest executive authority.

Back Row (L to R):

Carl Flowers
Director, Rehabilitation Institute
Rehn 317
(618) 536-7704

Juliane Poock Wallace
Chair, Kinesiology and Interim Chair, Public Health and Recreational Professions
Davies Hall 107
(618) 453-3133

Jodi Miley
Former, Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention

Susan Wills
Business Manager
(618) 453-4095

Cynthia H. Sims
Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
Dean's Office
Wham 115
(618) 453-7314

Keith Waugh
Former Interim Chair, Workforce Education and Development

Darla G. Phoenix
Assistant to Dean Matthew W. Keefer
(618) 453-7313

Christie McIntyre
Chair, Curriculum and Instruction
Wham 323M
(618) 536-2441

Jeanette Johnson
Former Web Specialist

Front Row:

Saran Donahoo
Chair, Educational Administration & High Education
129C Pulliam Hall
(618) 453-6077

Matthew W. Keefer
Dean of the College of Education and Human Services
Dean's Office
Wham 115
(618) 453-2415

Nancy Mundschenk
Director of Teacher Education
Wham 135
(618) 453-2354

Saliwe M. Kawewe
Director, School of Social Work
(618) 453-3359


Barbara Hagler
Interim Chair for Workforce Education and Development
(618) 453-1969

Michael May
Interim Chair, Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education
(618) 453-6916

Pamela Rathe
Interim Director of Development
(618) 453-4907