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Highlights of the EHS/Talks

Good things happen every day in Carbondale, and Southern Illinois University wants people to know about it.

SIU's College of Education and Human Services benefits the community in a variety of ways including, research, service and education.

Dean Keefer wanted to showcase how his faculty is helping people in our community and show all the work and exciting activities going on within the college. EHS/Talks is his way of spreading the news, creating a buzz and showing the passion his faculty members have for their field of study.

Those attending learned more about the Strong Survivors cancer rehabilitation program, earthquake hazards and education, how baseball players recognize certain pitches and the importance of second chances, among other topics.

Plans for more EHS/Talks are under way and we hope the buzz will continue until the next EHS/Talks.

All 15 EHS/Talks presentations are coming soon!