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MPH Competencies

The Core MPH competencies will enable students to:

  1. Assess community health needs and capacities for diverse populations.
  2. Design a community-based program, project, intervention or policy.
  3. Demonstrate a variety of skills in delivering strategies, interventions, and programs.
  4. Apply systems thinking frameworks to address public health issues within communities.
  5. Collect, analyze, and interpret data related to public health programs.
  6. Administer and maintain public health education and health promotion programs.
  7. Serve as a public health resources professional for diverse populations.
  8. Advocate for stakeholder involvement in building partnerships and coalitions to improve public health outcomes in diverse populations. 
  9. Demonstrate written and oral skills for effective communication with diverse populations in the context of public health promotion.
  10. Demonstrate awareness of multicultural values and practices to the design and delivery of community public health policies and programs.