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Club 57

Club 57 is a behavior therapy program for teens and adults with autism spectrum disorder, the purpose of which is to provide opportunities for individuals to meet with peers in a fun and therapeutic setting. Groups focus on social skills and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an empirically validated behavior analytic approach for promoting flexible interactions with emotional experiences. Groups sessions are heavily activity based, including projects such as group board games, construction projects, and arts and crafts, all designed to build social skills with peers and expose individuals to new leisure activities. Groups are composed of 4-6 members and include teens and adults (including college students). Club 57’s groups meet twice a week for one hour, Club 57 is supervised by Dr. Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Ph.D, BCBA-D, and sessions are facilitated by doctoral students in Behavior Analysis and Therapy who are board certified behavior analysts, as well.
Dr. Rehfeldt's bio

Language and Cognitive Development (LCD)

LCD is a clinical services program of the Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program. LCD provides treatments to a wide range of children, some who have autism. Those that do have autism are treated by LCD through its partnership with the CASD, of which LCD is the sole provider of ABA language and cognitive services for children.

Child Behavior Research and Training Lab (CBRT)

The Child Behavior Research and Training Lab provides a variety of services. These services include all-day, in-clinic, intensive toilet training, treatment for food refusal and selectivity, assessment and treatment of problem behavior, and parent training for managing daily challenges (e.g., bedtime, mealtime, transitions, and community outings).