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Dr. Dixon’s Lab

Dr. Dixon’s research laboratories are an exciting and diverse place to draw students into the study of behavior analysis. Specific content of the lab varies based on current student interests, and typically includes projects related to addiction (gambling, sex, and eating), organizational behavior management, language and verbal learning (typical and atypical disabled populations including brain injury, autism, behavior disorders), and terrorism.

There are a variety of labs under my direction.  The goal is to examine behavioral phenomena from lab to life.  This means we do research in experimental contexts, applied field research, and everything between.  Dig into the foundations of human behavior in the animal laboratory.  We use invertebrates such as cockroaches and octopuses to explore food preferences, anxiety, and language / communication.   Can an octopus talk to us with an iPad? Can a cockroach remember where the best tasting food is? What about controlling anxiety responses?   The answers are YES!   And if you want to be on the cutting edge of autism research, how about working with the animal model of the disorder - the zebrafish?  No other BCBA or behavior analysis program in the world has such a research facility.  

If animals are not your thing, many students will find their niche in the LCD Clinic where children with autism and related disorders come in every day for 1:1 therapeutic services.  Yet these are not just any aba services.  Instead our clinicians are exploring the latest innovations in verbal language and cognitive development.  Just think, learn therapy delivery AND do cutting edge research at the same time.  All along, watching real clients' lives change for the better.   

Don't forget that Dixon also has the field's only operating research gambling casino and a wide range of off site placements for research.  From exotic dancing establishments to industrial organizations, come and find out the scope of this amazing field of behavior analysis.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to work in these laboratories as it will further enhances their skills as behavior analysts, scientists and students, as well as being very entertaining.





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