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Coursework & Requirements

The Off campus Program requires a minimum of 45 semester hours for the Masters degree, 36 of which are in required courses listed below.  You may select the balance of your hours in consultation with your advisor.

Required Classroom Courses

Course Name BAT Core Usually Offered
REHB 503 (3) Basic Behavior Analysis Fall
REHB 508 (3) Complex Behavior Analysis Spring
REHB 509A (3) Research Designs (Single Subject) Fall
REHB 509B (3) Research Designs (Group) Summer
REHB 512 (3) Legal & Ethical Issues Summer
REHB 535 (3) Behavioral Observ. Methods Fall
REHB 574 (3) Staff Training Fall

Required Individual Courses

Course Name  BAT CORE  Usually Offered
REHB 594B (3) Practicum Any time after 1st sem.
REHB 595 (9) Internship Any time after 2nd sem.
REHB 599 (6) Thesis Any time after 2nd sem.

Elective Courses in BAT

Course Name  BAT CORE  Usually Offered
REHB 505 Behavioral Gerontology Fall
REHB 507 Behavioral Consultation/Management Spring
REHB 515 Behavioral Applications to Medical Problems Fall
REHB 543 Child Behavior Spring
REHB 545 Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities Spring
REHB 563 Behavior Analysis: Community Applications  
REHB 567 Behavioral Theories of Addiction Summer
REHB 584 Seminar in Behavior Analysis and Therapy  
REHB 511 Functional Analysis Summer
REHB 589 Professional Seminar in Rehab Spring
REHB 593 (3) Research Any time after 2nd sem.

Students have to contact program secretary to sign up for courses before the semester starts.

For further information contact:
Joshua K. Pritchard, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Instructor and Off-Campus Operations Manager
Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program
Office: 317 Rehn Hall
Phone: (618) 536-7704