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Thank you for your interest in the BAT Program at SIU. Please read this page thoroughly before beginning the application process. This page contains all of the information and forms you will need to complete your application to our program.

The application deadline is April 1st for fall semester. Students are only admitted in the Fall semester for the M.S. program.

1. Apply to the graduate school: The first thing you should do is to complete and submit the SIU graduate school application.This page here provides instructions and a link to get started with the application process.Make sure you give yourself ample time to finish all the necessary steps needed to send in a successful application.

Note:The Graduate School offers you an option to pay online when completing the application. We cannot accept checks or money orders, so please pay online.

After finishing step 1, you can continue to step 2-4. Note: all materials used in step 2-4 need to be mailed to the Behavior Analysis and Therapy program (see address below).

2. Three Letters of Recommendation:

You have an option to:

A. You can obtain a letter from each recommender in a sealed envelope and submit these envelops with the rest of your materials in your packet Each physical letter received must be in its own sealed envelope.

B. If your recommenders would like to send the envelopes directly, they may do so to

the program address.

C. Your recommenders could submit their letters online, you may use the option in the online graduate school application toprovide them with instructions on how to complete this process. If you use this option you do not have to send physical letters.

3. Official Transcripts: We require that you submit an official transcript from each college or university that you have attended. These must be your official transcripts and must be original documents.

4. Graduate Assistantship application. Students have an opportunity to receive an assistantship during their studies at the BAT program. Students who wish to apply for an assistantship at the BAT program, will have to fill out this application from with good penmanship.

Graduate Assistantship application materials that are needed:

  • Letter of Application
  • Resume
  • Contact information for three professional references

Complete Application Must Include:

  1. One time application Fee of $65; paid by credit card when applying to the Graduate School.
  2. Complete on-line “Application for Graduate Study” from Graduate School. You do not need to mail this to us, we can get it off the Apply Yourself program.
  3. Three Letters of Recommendation which can be mailed to us or completed by your recommenders on-line through your Graduate School application
  4. Official Transcripts from all Universities and Colleges attended
  5. TOEFL scores (International students only)
  6. Financial Statement (International students only)
  7. Ph.D. application (direct entry students only)

All material should be sent directly to:

Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program
Rehabilitation Institute
Rehn Hall, Rm 317A,
Mail Code 4609
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901

For more information contact:
Mark Dixon, Ph.D., BCBA
Program Coordinator
Office: 336A Rehn Hall
Phone: (618) 536-7704