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College of Education and Human Services

Seth Whiting

PH.D, BCBA-D, Lecturer

Seth Whiting

Program Affiliation: Behavior Analysis and Therapy


Dr. Seth Whiting, BCBA-D, earned his BA in psychology from St. Cloud State University, and received his MS and Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  With a focus on choice architecture, impulsive behavior, and addiction, Dr. Whiting is currently serving as a post-doctoral fellow with the Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and in affiliation with the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University.  He has conducted and presented research on a variety of topics in the field of behavior analysis including choice, gambling, delay discounting, self-control training, verbal behavior, addiction, organizational behavior management, and technology development.  Dr. Whiting has served as a guest reviewer for academic journals both within and outside of behavior analysis, including Analysis of Gambling Behavior, Journal of Gambling Studies, and The Psychological Record.  Centered on complex behavior, his current research interests include the analysis of contingencies of reinforcement, verbal behavior, and motivating operations in the context of gambling behavior and addiction, evaluation and implementation of the PEAK Relational Training System, and applications of choice architecture in education, autism services, and gambling settings to facilitate optimal choice.