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Behavior Analysis and Therapy

About BAT

Why choose SIUC?

Our coursework and field experiences are approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).  This means upon completion of the program you will have everything you need to take the BCBA exam.  

Our masters program is the only school in Illinois and one of only 21 nationally to have their degree program accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).  This means we have been held to extremely high educational standards that only a few universities have met.  Learn the best from the best.   

Our program has been ranked in the Top 10 of over 60 behavior analysis graduate training programs in terms of scholarly activity.  Our program has published more research articles in behavior analysis scientific journals than most other programs in the entire country.  

Want to go to graduate school and not pay tuition?  How about us paying you instead?  Every year, most to all of our on campus graduate students are awarded a graduate assistantship that covers all their tuition and pays them a monthly stipend.  Earn money and stop the student loans!  

Ready for a high paying job?  Graduates from our program typically earn 60-70k per year starting salaries!   Most students even have multiple job offers.  Experience a socioeconomic boost after just two years of graduate school.  

Get connected.  Join SIUC and you will enter into the behavior analytic community and grow your professional life path.  Attend conventions, present research or clinical treatments, network with employers, and become a job-ready professional. From the first semester and through the last semester, you will have many resume building experiences.  

Become a leader in the field of behavior analysis. While many students stop with a masters degree, some venture further into the PhD program to become the intellectual elite.  This means if you start with a goal of a masters degree and get hooked into the idea of a PhD, we have an impressive doctoral training program ready for you.  

Our PhD students have a 100% placement rate.  Approximately 1/2 secure professor / faculty positions in behavior analysis.  The remainder of the graduates go into business and industry or high ranking (and high paying) clinical positions.   Starting salaries have exceeded 100k per year.  

Our mission is to educate our graduate students so they will be prepared to conduct research, teach and apply the principles of behavior to assist individuals or organizations, as well as providing them with supervised work under professors who are board certified behavior analysts. Graduates may seek applied work immediately after completing the program, or pursue doctoral training at SIU or elsewhere.