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College of Education and Human Services

Doctoral Training

The doctoral degree requirements are 96 semester hours for the doctoral courses (up to 30 hours from a master’s degree may be included). Of those 96 hours, 20 credit hours must come from the Research Development and Utilization area, and 12 credits must come from the Professional Issues and Methods in Rehabilitation area.  Additional coursework should be selected in consultation with your advisor.

The coursework in the Ph.D. program is as follows:

Research Development and Utilization Courses Course Name Required/Elective
EPSY 506 (4) Inferential Statistics Required
EPSY 507 (4) Multiple Regression Required
REHB 509a (3) Single Subject Experimental Designs Required
REHB 509b (3) Group Experimental Designs Required
REHB 589 (3) Behavioral Research Methods for Human Operant Experiments Required
REHB 589 (3) Basic Research in Verbal Behavior Required

Professional Issues and Methods in Rehabilitation area Course Name Required/Elective
REHB 512 (3) Legal & Ethical Issues Required
REHB 513 (3) Med Aspects of Disability Required
REHB 574 (3) Staff Training & Development Required
REHB 589 (3) Radical Behaviorism: 1 Required
REHB 589 (3) Radical Behaviorism: 2 Required

BAT Elective Courses* Course Name Required/Elective
REHB 507 Behavioral Consultation/Management Elective
REHB 511 Functional Analysis & Interventions in Autism Elective
REHB 515 Behavioral Medicine Elective
REHB 543 Child Behavior Elective
REHB 545 Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities Elective
REHB 569 Lifespan Issues in Autism Elective

*Offering of these and/or other elective courses depends on instructor availability and student interest.

Teaching Experience Course Name Required/Elective
REHB 592 (min of 3) Professional Supervision in Rehabilitation Required

Dissertation Course Name Required/Elective
REHB 600 (min of 24) Dissertation Required

For more information contact: Program director
Professor – Mark R. Dixon, Ph.D., BCBA
Office: 336A Rehn Hall
Phone: (618) 453-8275