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Graduate Student Funding

Currently, every student on campus has the opportunity for 100% funding through graduate assistantships

Graduate assistantships include tuition waivers plus a stipend, so you can earn your degree without incurring debt.

Not only are you getting paid while you earn your degree, but our program provides a variety of quality, intensive, hands-on training experiences for students at local schools and agencies. Whether your placement is paid (assistantships) or for course credit (internships), we aim to offer opportunities that meet the interests of every student.

Our research and clinical opportunities include working with:

  • Adults and children
  • Typically developing individuals
  • Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (e.g., autism)
  • Individuals with behavioral addiction (e.g., drugs, gambling)
  • Individuals with traumatic brain injury
  • Individuals with severe problem behavior
  • Animals