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Human lab

Here at SIU we run a laboratory, under the guidance of Dr. Dixon, that investigates complex behaviors of humans. The current research areas are:

  • Gambling: Investigating how people behave while gambling by researching the underlying controlling factors of the gambling environment, and how to help individuals with gambling addictions.
  • Relational Frame Theory: Using PEAK Relational Training System, designed by Dr. Dixon, to investigate the effectiveness of derived relational responding to improve verbal behavior and cognition of developmentally disabled individuals.
  • Delay Discounting: We investigate how people make choices on everyday life events and items. These investigations may look to compare how different populations (e.g. pathological gamblers vs. non-pathological gamblers) discount monetary values, diseases, personal happiness, and, relationships with other people.
  • ACT: Investigations on how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be provided to schools (primary – high school) to influence student behaviors. The investigations are aimed to assist teachers with their daily classroom work by providing the students with procedures on how to accept their daily turmoil and work towards their academic- and other life values. We also train our students on the concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to provide individualized behavioral treatments. Our students have worked on helping individuals with obesity, and gambling addictions.