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Dr. Redner's Lab

Broadly speaking Dr. Redner's research group studies personal health choices that lead to premature death and exorbitant health care costs in the United States.  Specifically we focus on the application of behavioral principles and behavioral economics to the study of cigarette smoking.  We have two lines of research: (a) We use the same principles that make cigarette smoking reinforcing to promote abstinence by systematically providing small financial incentives to reinforce success in abstaining from smoking, and (b) we study processes that underlie behavioral choice and how they are associated with risk of cigarette smoking using delay discounting and other behavioral economic measures.  

Behavioral economic measures have been gaining popularity in recent years and can be utilized to measure important aspects of dependence and choice.  One measure that is of particular interest is the cigarette purchase task in which participants are asked to self-report the number of cigarettes they would purchase across a series of successively increasing costs. The rate at which consumption decreases as a function of increasing prices is taken to reflect the essential value or dependence on cigarettes.  Students working with Ryan complete their experiences at Choate Mental Health and Development Center and our local SIU Clinic in the North-West Annex building.