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Evaluation and Developmental Center

Who We Are

The Evaluation and Developmental Center is a comprehensive rehabilitation facility with a long history of vocational, psychological, transitional, and driver education services provision. We are a direct service component of Southern Illinois University Carbondale's, College of Education and Human Services', Rehabilitation Institute. We have maintained a successful relationship with the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services for several decades and are jointly funded by Southern Illinois University Carbondale and the state of Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services. We also provide services that are available to the public through a fee for service arrangement and have served individuals referred through public high schools, community colleges, universities, hospitals, the Veteran's Administration, and attorneys.


The Evaluation and Developmental Center is staffed by master's level rehabilitation professionals who are supplemented by graduate assistants as it serves as a rehabilitation training center for the Rehabilitation Institute. The Rehabilitation Institute provides excellent academic, faculty, and rehabilitation resources to aid staff in service delivery. High ethical standards for staff and graduate assistants are expected and maintained through yearly state of Illinois Ethics Training for University Employees.


Our Mission is three-fold. First is to provide a model program of high quality rehabilitation services that address the immediate rehabilitation needs of clients referred to the Evaluation and Developmental Center by Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services counselors that do not duplicate services available through other community facilities. Through community participation of staff as well as established program evaluation procedures, The Evaluation and Developmental Center also attempts to anticipate new and developing service needs and trends of its consumers.Secondly, is to provide an effective learning and training environment for graduate students (especially those enrolled at the Rehabilitation Institute). This environment includes appropriate supervision by qualified staff and opportunities for involvement in a variety of direct service and administrative activities. EDC also provides research opportunities for staff, students, and faculty that will lead to new and innovative rehabilitation techniques and procedures. It also provides various in-service training and consultation services for other rehabilitation facilities.

Vision Statement

The Evaluation and Developmental Center through a joint effort with the Rehabilitation Institute will be at the forefront of innovative rehabilitation services that will lead to individuals with disabilities having confidence that through a shared process with rehabilitation professionals, they will be provided the most effective rehabilitation instruction and information empowering them to make independent decisions leading to satisfying vocational and overall lifestyles.


Our values our linked to ensuring that the rights and dignity of the clients served are protected, therefore the Evaluation and Developmental Center abides by the code of ethics consistent with those of the Commission on the Certification of Rehabilitation Counselors. We recognize and endorse the following values.

Individuals served:

  • Deserve being treated with the utmost respect at all times
  • Deserve a safe, healthy, and accessible environment
  • Are diverse and require specific individualized rehabilitation planning and services
  • Have the right to modify their specific individualized rehabilitation planning and services

Individuals and stakeholders served:

  • Deserve timely and professional rehabilitation services
  • Have tHe right to full disclosure of rehabilitation records
  • Are encouraged to provide positive feedback and/or constructive criticism

University students:

  • Deserve rehabilitation professional staff providing a learning environment that represents best rehabilitation services practices
  • Deserve rehabilitation professional staff providing guidance and feedback during professional training assignments
  • Deserve opportunities and guidance for conducting research used for independent study, theses, and/or dissertations

Staff Members:

  • Deserve a work setting allowing them to complete their job duties in the least restrictive environment
  • Deserve respect from all other staff members
  • Deserve the opportunities and resources for professional development
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors


The Evaluation and Developmental Center has a long history of providing a physically and attitudinal accessible environment for those persons, staff, and stakeholders benefiting from that environment as historically Southern Illinois University Carbondale had been one of the first major universities in the United States to provide access to campus through environmental accommodations . The Evaluation and Developmental Center is committed to both the concept and implementation of accessibility across all service programs providing service delivery to a number of persons with sensory disabilities including visually impaired, hearing impaired, and/or physically impaired. The Evaluation and Developmental Center completes a yearly accessibility plan and the Division of Rehabilitation Services also conducts periodic accessibility surveys.

Health and Safety

The Evaluation and Developmental Center strives to maintain a healthy and safe environment for both staff and persons served. To these ends the organization has written procedures to promote the health and safety of persons served and of working personnel including regular staff, graduate assistants, practicum students, and student workers. The Evaluation and Developmental Center in coordination with Southern Illinois University Carbondale has a Building Emergency Response Team (BERT) and specific procedures to respond to emergency situations.


The Evaluation and Developmental provides accessible transportation for services to individuals with disabilities over an approximately fifty mile range, serving multiple towns, cities, and rural areas.

Input from Persons Served and Stakeholders

The Evaluation and Developmental Center obtains input on an ongoing basis from persons served, personnel, and other stakeholders using a variety of mechanisms such as surveys, questionnaires, and self-reports. The input gathered is analyzed and provided to leadership for program planning, performance improvement, strategic planning, organizational advocacy, financial planning, and resource planning.

Five-year Strategic Plan

The Evaluation and Developmental Center 's Strategic Plan is based on our mission and values. The current plan includes improving service delivery through updated technology, increasing research opportunities, improving accessibility, and increasing our funding base through offering specialized services for other groups of individuals with disabilities.


Service Entry

A Rehabilitation Administration Specialist coordinates a comprehensive service entry to ensure appropriate service provision. Individuals sixteen years of age or older with a disabling condition and who meet criteria as determined by IDRS are eligible for services. Referrals are made by Illinois Division of Rehabilitation counselors but self-referrals through a public fee for service are also available.

Based on need, clients may receive one or more services. Major Service areas include:



› Transitional Living Classes
› Driver Rehabilitation
› Residential Services ( Living Center )



All services are provided at:

Evaluation and Developmental Center
500-C Lewis Lane
Carbondale, IL 62901

Hours/Days of Services:

Main Office Hours are:
8:00 am - 4:30 pm; Monday-Friday

Residential Services are:
3:00 pm – 9:00 am; Monday-Friday
24-Hours; Saturday and Sunday

Vocational Services are provided year round excepting Southern Illinois University Carbondale holidays and other closures. Community Services are provided at least minimally from August to May, but can be extended through June.

The scope of services information is shared with the persons served, families/support systems based on choices of served persons, referral sources, payers and funding sources, other relevant stakeholders, and the general public via brochures, website, posted at facility, manuals, and information guides. The Evaluation and Developmental Center through performance improvement meetings reviews the scope of services at least annually and updates if needed.