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Amber Gregory

Amber Gregory

Amber Gregory, B.S. is currently completing her Masters degree in Social Work at Southern Illinois University. She is completing her internship at Perry County Counseling Center. As an intern she has facilitated the development and supervises the progress of an employment program for individuals with developmental disabilities that follows the evidence-based Individualized Placement and Support model developed by Dartmouth College. Amber is also a certified Yoga Instructor and developed and facilitates a yoga therapy program for individuals experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Amber is also employed as a graduate assistant at the Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism. Her responsibilities in this position include building and developing partnerships with community agencies to expand the volunteer opportunities available for students at SIU. Additionally, she assists with the development and facilitation of the Women's Civic Institute, a semester long program that fosters and develops leadership and civic engagement in women.

During her graduate program, she was selected as a Social Work Intern at The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute where she explored social work at a macro level of practice. As an intern she was able to analyze public policy related to mental health and assisted in the development of the 2014 child welfare symposium Protecting Our Children: Using Data as the Foundation that was sponsored by The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, SIU School of Medicine, and the Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development.

In addition to being selected as a Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellow, her academic achievements have included the induction into Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work. She also received the 2014 Joyce A. Kelly Memorial Scholarship from the American Association of University Women. She has served as the graduate student representative on two School of Social Work committees. Amber also served as the Social Work Representative for the Graduate and Professional Student Council and was elected by this council to serve as a student representative on the university Grad Council. She was also selected as a student ambassador to participate on the 2014 trip to Washington D.C. to meet with government officials, an educational experience sponsored by The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.  

Prior to her graduate studies, Amber had been employed in the field of social work since 1999. During these years of experience she has held various positions at three different non-profit social service agencies that include; Community Development Specialist, Recreation Director, Family Support Coordinator, Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional/Case Manager, Vocational and Competitive Employment Coordinator, Day Program Supervisor, Public Relations and Fundraising Coordinator, Wellness Program Coordinator, Employment Specialist, Mental Health Professional, and Individual Placement and Support Supervisor.  In 2001, she was awarded the Jacqueline-Hanback award by the Illinois Rehabilitation Association for community advocacy for individuals with disabilities.