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Nikole Justice

Nikole Justice

Nikole Justice received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Mid-Continent University.  She is currently finishing her Master's degree in Social Work with emphasis in the health/mental health track. Nikole's research interests include homeless veterans and substance use disorders. At age 16, Nikole graduated high school as valedictorian of her class. She immediately entered college to pursue her career goals.

Nikole had a strong desire to pursue a career where she would have the ability to provide support services to vulnerable populations. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she began counseling adolescents who had various chemical dependencies, as well as other mental health issues. The experience Nikole gained through her early career amplified her desire to pursue a degree in Social Work. As Nikole now approaches graduation, she would like to focus on her future interests and work with veterans and transitional youth. Nikole is active in her community, a dedicated mother, and commits herself to work towards impartiality in access and opportunity.​