Jodi Witthaus | TBBHF 2015-2016 | SIU

Southern Illinois University



TBBH Fellowship

College of Education and Human Services

Jodi Witthaus

Jodi Witthaus

Jodi Witthaus is a Southern Illinois native and graduated with her BA in English at SIUC in December ’13.  She is currently in her second year of the MSW program for Health/Mental Health. Witthaus plans to obtain her LCSW after graduation and continue to work with the adolescent population.  Witthaus is active president of the Social Work Student Association (Graduate Chapter), sits on the Dean of Students Advisory Committee for Disability Support Services on campus, and has recently co-created a coalition for accessibility rights for those who are disabled in Carbondale. 

 Nika is a Guide dog which graduated from Leader Dogs for the Blind in June ’13.  Witthaus and Nika have been working partners for the last two years.  Nika attends every MSW class as well as internship hours with Witthaus.  She claims her spot under Witthaus’ desk and often drifts off to a loudly snoring slumber.  Nika enjoys long walks and chewing on bones, but only if there is peanut butter on them!