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College of Education and Human Services

Brittany Young

Brittany Young

Brittany Young Graduated from The University of Illinois at Springfield in 2014 with her Bachelor’s Degree. Her extensive volunteer experience during her undergraduate years has led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Social work with a concentration on Health/Mental Health. 

Brittany is currently a Graduate Assistant at the Evaluation and Developmental Center where she is a Job Placement Specialist. Brittany hopes to expand her knowledge in the Social Services field by engaging in as many sectors of the Mental Health/Health field. With her ever-growing skills, trainings and certifications, she hopes to eventually work with the mentally ill adolescent DCFS population. Brittany believes that it is not enough to be just a Social Worker as it is to become a great Social Worker. She wants to ensure that she receives as much clinical practice and skill necessary through the Trauma Based Behavior Health Fellowship to be of great assistance to her future clients.