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TBBH Fellowship

College of Education and Human Services

Introduction to TBBHF

The program is a concurrent 16 week training program for social work graduate students during the advanced year of their degrees when they are already placed with a community based behavioral health agency working with either at risk children,
adolescent or transitional youths. The Fellowship will focus on trauma based understanding and practice of behavioral health which will train students on how trauma transforms the microstructure of a child’s brain, the behavioral manifestations of trauma, will introduce students to trauma based cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma informed medical aspects of child maltreatment, how to increase family involvement in trauma focused family therapy, working in multidisciplinary teams, trauma related orientation of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) recent 5th edition, group treatment approaches to adolescents and young adults, addiction issues with young people, play therapy, parent child interaction therapy and clinical
outcome based documentations.

Students Accepted

Students who are accepted to the SIUC School of Social Work Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellowship sequence will first meet criteria and be accepted to enter the MSW program.Students accepted into the MSW program who are interested in working with children, adolescent and transitional youths will be specially screened before admission.Students need to sign a contract committing to attending the training sessions (a draft of the agreement is attached). Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and higher will be preferred for admission;special consideration will be given if they have previous baccalaureate work experience